Traditional Unsafe Gutter Cleaning Methods

1. Walk the roof. They will clean the gutters by hand or use leaf blowers. Unfortunately, safety harnesses are rarely used which is an OSHA violation. It is a huge liability for the contractor, property manager or homeowner in the event of an accident.
Cleaning house gutters
The contractor may specify that harnesses are to be used, but if he is not on site the workers will work without it, or they may subcontract to a third party. When was the last time you saw roofers using harnesses? The debris will often get over the siding or all over the ground making a mess.

cleaning gutters from ladder

2. Clean from ladders. This is rarely used because it takes longer. Working from ladders is very dangerous. Do you know anyone that has fallen from a ladder? Contractors become complacent about ladder safety. If a ladder is leaned on the gutter, it may slide or damage the gutters. It a ladder is stood on a deck or concrete, it may kick out causing a fall.   more unsafe practices…