Danger: Unsafe Gutter Cleaning Practices

cleaning gutters from ladder
Unsafe practices happen when the boss isn’t around or when workers are trying to rush. Sometimes the business owner just chooses the methods because he doesn’t know better.

I found these photos searching the internet and some of them are even featured on business websites that show how they clean or work using ladders! If this doesn’t bother you then look on craigslist for gutter cleaning. Just remember insurance is extra for those guys!

  • Danger 1     Ladders are set too low of an angle, bottom may kick out
  • Danger 2     No harness. Back pack blowers changes center of balance and unstable
  • Danger 3     Ladder not high enough. May slip sideways
  • Danger 4     No harness, might fall over edge
  • Danger 5     No harness while on roof
  • Danger 6     Using backpack blower on ladder loses center of balance
  • Danger 7     Don’t use top of step ladder. Go get a ladder
  • Danger 8     Ladder could kick out off roof
  • Danger 9     Watch power lines. Ladders are metal
  • Danger 10   Ladder is too steep, could fall back
  • Danger 11   Should’ve anchored ladder so it doesn’t slide
  • Danger 12   Don’t reach and keep two feet on ladder
  • Danger 13   Loose shingles can slip or trip over debris

New Safe Cleaning Method

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